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Upcoming Litter Fall of 2022

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The Sire

Scrabble is the offspring of Homokpusztai Haramia Durva from Serbia and Huron’s Aspen of Erbcroft. Scrabble is a very tall and well proportioned Kuvasz with a beautiful handsome head who wins over everyone’s heart. He is extremely calm and gentle with all his charges…both 2-legged and 4-legged. He is not quick to react…he knows how to assess the situation and act accordingly. He is not one to start a fight or confrontation, but will defend himself when needed…and will rise to the occasion when there is a real threat.

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The Dam

Annabelle is the offspring of Hun-Zazholm Rablo, an older Hungarian bloodline and Huron’s Incredible Nikki. Annabelle is very gentle with newborn livestock, helping the mom clean her newborn kid after birth, but she can also be a fierce protector of same livestock. Annabelle is lean and keeps her girlish figure by chasing squirrels out of our yard. She a well rounded Kuvasz; loving and gentle, cautious and alert and fierce protector when the need arises.

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