Zeus – Registered as Huron’s Teddy Bear

Born September 2006

Zeus was born September 2006 and came to live with us in Wyoming when he was 10 ½ years old. He was placed with us at the same time that we brought Chloe into our lives. We lived on a big ranch with a several large packs of coyotes that patrolled our property. Sometimes we spotted coyotes within 100 feet from our back door. We were concerned about bringing a pup into that environment and Amber from Huron Kennels suggested that we take Zeus to protect Chloe while she made the transition from a pup to a mature livestock guardian dog.

Zeus was handsome, fearless, cautious and alert around strangers and a fierce protector, but he was also extremely loving towards his human family. Zeus made the move to Missouri with us, but unfortunately died of unknown causes only 9 days after we arrived in Missouri. Zeus lived for 14 ½ years. He was so loved and will forever remain in our hearts and minds.