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Maggie's Litter Due May 25, 2023


The Sire

George is the offspring of Huron’s Take Me Home and Huron’s Aspen of Erbcroft.  George is a beautiful representation of the Kuvasz breed.  He is calm, gentle and very affectionate.  He loves the time spent with his humans and relishes the attention given to him.  George is very playful and enjoys running around the yard with our other Kuvasz family.  He is not one to start a fight or confrontation, but will defend himself when needed . . . and will rise to the occasion when there is a real threat.

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The Dam

Maggie is the offspring of Huron’s Pajtas at Hungarikum and Hungarikum Arikan.  Maggie is lively, intelligent, self-confident, fearless and gentle with her livestock.  She is often seen bedded down with the goat herd with goats sleeping curled up next to her with their heads laying on Maggie.  This always warms my heart to see that the goats love their LGD and trust her implicitly.

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