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Annabelle's Litter Born October 27th, 2023


The Sire

MACKO (pronounced Muts-Ko, which means Teddy in Hungarian) is the offspring of Huron’s Laughing Sokka and Hungarikum Alexandra and was born on November 22nd, 2020. Macko is described by everyone as “The Gentle Giant”, even at the vets office. He LOVES people and still thinks he’s a lap dog at 120 lbs. Macko is the friendliest Kuvasz we have ever had over the last 40 years. He gets along really well with other dogs, especially small ones, and he never starts a confrontation, but will certainly finish one.

Macko is very patient with his young nephew Teddy, who is a total handful. Whenever Macko has had enough of Teddy’s shenanigans, Macko just sits on Teddy for a time out.

Macko loves nothing more than to sleep outside, even in the winter, and get snowed over. All you see is a big bump in the snow and 3 black dots.

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The Dam

Annabelle is the offspring of Hun-Zazholm Rablo, an older Hungarian bloodline and Huron’s Incredible Nikki. Annabelle is very gentle with newborn livestock, helping the Mom clean her newborn kid after birth, but she can also be a fierce protector of same livestock. Annabelle keeps her free ranging chickens and guineas safe from aerial predators and enjoys chasing unwanted birds and squirrels away. She’s a well rounded Kuvasz; loving and gentle, cautious,  alert and fierce protector when the need arises.

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