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Maggie's Litter Born January 6th, 2024


The Sire

Jasper is the offspring of Bacskai Betyar Labanc from Serbia and Huron’s Quebec Nelly from Canada.  Jasper is a beautiful, large, 125 lb. Kuvasz with a broad chest, wide head and a wonderful thick mane.  Despite Jasper’s size, he is very loving and playful.  At 14 months of age I took him off of the farm and entered him in the Kuvasz Nationals.  He was totally out of his element; he had his first bath, walked into the grooming area and was overwhelmed with all of the dogs, blow dryers and people, but was able to take it all in stride and even took home some ribbons.  

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The Dam

Maggie is the offspring of Huron’s Pajtas at Hungarikum and Hungarikum Arikan.  Maggie is lively, intelligent, self-confident, fearless and gentle with her livestock.  She is often seen bedded down with the goat herd with goats sleeping curled up next to her with their heads laying on Maggie.  This always warms my heart to see that the goats love their LGD and trust her implicitly.

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