Kuvasz Make Excellent Guardians For Sheep

Livestock Guardian breeds share the same important behavioural characteristics, showing attentive, trustworthy and protective behaviour to the livestock with which they are raised.

They are not bred to herd or move the stock, which can trigger a predator to attack, but instead place themselves between the stock and the threat and bark loudly. The mere presence of an intimidating guardian is enough to make the predator leave. It doesn’t happen very often, but if the predator persists, then the dog will attack. But, normally, just the presence of a big white dog will make the coyote move on to the next farm, in search of easier prey.

Guard dogs are an important part of the team on a sheep operation, but you have to choose the right breed and raise them properly. What works for one rancher does not necessarily work for another. Choosing the right type of dog or puppy from a litter will make a big impact on your sheep operation.