Kuvasz Have a Natural Instinct to Bond and Protect

Although Kuvasz have an innate instinct to guard and protect, you can’t purchase a puppy, stick it out with your sheep and expect it to know what to do. Yes, these dogs do have a natural instinct to bond and protect with whatever it lives with, but a puppy does need a certain amount of supervision to make sure it does not chase the sheep or nip at the ears or the butts of the sheep. You want a dog that is confident, but calm…that will walk amongst the sheep without causing havoc gradual exposure and some training is required. A sound and stable guard dog will actually relax the sheep.

For example, in British Columbia a client of mine owns a Bed & Breakfast. Their Kuvasz is a “jack-of-all-trades”. She protects the sheep from predators, and helps mama sheep lick their newborns clean. This amazing Kuvasz had reportedly ran in front of a small child that had wandered off, shopping the child from falling into a low wall into a sheep pen. The dog was also very understanding of older guests, and would often walk slowly beside them and let them rest a hand on her for support.

A lady from Saskatchewan, who had a flock of about 500 ewes, purchased a second Kuvasz pup from me. Her flock was too large for one Kuvasz and many of her sheep and chickens were being killed by coyotes. She was hesitant at first, questioning whether investing in a second Kuvasz would be beneficial. Eight years later, I was thrilled to learn that with two dogs patrolling her farm, she never lost a single sheep or chicken again.