Tara – Registered as Huron’s Omni Tara

Born April 10, 2017

Tara was born April 10, 2017 and happens to be a sibling of Annabelle. Tara was in need of a new home and when I went to visit Amber Kunz the end of October 2021, I was able to meet Tara and she took to me immediately, showering my face with kisses. Tara has a persistent personality, but has always respected me, accepted my love as well as my corrections. After much consideration, I brought Tara back to our home in Missouri and at the age of 4 ½ years old she is starting a new chapter in her life. Tara is vocal and fearless, but at the same time has a very playful nature.

She loves wading in a pond that is inside her enclosure and one of her favorite things is to roll in the piles of leaves on the ground. Our plan is to take a long time to transition her to her new life and lifestyle as a guardian of goats. Her enclosure is right next to a pasture with our bucks and she is in the process of getting acquainted with them; just being around them, learning their behavior and smells. For the first time, this morning the bucks bedded down right on the other side of the fence from Tara. The bucks will have to learn that Tara is their protector and that she can be trusted. Tara has been with us now for 3 weeks and is a joy to be around. This will be a work in progress as she is molded into a trustworthy LGD.