Chloe – Registered as Huron’s Never Alone

Born January 28, 2017

Chloe was born January 28, 2017 and came to live with us out in Wyoming from Huron Kennels in Goderich, Ontario Canada. I drove to Detroit, Michigan and met Amber Kunz for the first time and she had this amazing white ball of fur that won my heart over in a matter of seconds. While in Wyoming, Chloe was extremely patient with our goat kids and she let them run around her as she kept an ever watchful eye on them. We moved to Lebanon, Missouri January 2021 and today, Chloe is a friendly, lean, confident guardian of goats. She is always alert and on the job 24 hours a day. During the day, she may be laying down resting, but she is always aware of what’s going on around her. At night, she’s up protecting her flock; barking to keep predators away. Chloe is gentle and patient with her flock and is making an amazing mentor to Maggie, our fourth Kuvasz in our family.