Annabelle – Registered as Huron’s Ode To Annie

Born April 10, 2017

Annabelle was born April 10, 2017 and was the third addition to our Kuvasz family. She was flown from Canada and I picked her up at the airport in Billings, Montana and we made the 2 hour journey to our home in Wyoming. Right from the get go, I noticed a difference between Annabelle and Chloe. Annabelle has 75% Hungarian bloodlines and I noted the flatter shape of her head and shorter stop compared to Chloe. Annabelle was present when my first goat kidded in 2018 and Annabelle was so very gentle with the newborn kid, licking her shortly after she was born. It was surprising how quickly that she bonded with that kid and was a fierce protector when our other dogs came around to investigate the new birth. At our new home in Missouri, Annabelle guards our flock of 45 chickens and 25 guineas and is a guardian of her human family and home. Annabelle is loyal, wonderfully attentive and in tune with how I feel and what I want. She is extremely loving to her human family, but cautious and alert around strangers.